Today's fast-paced, competitive market place requires organizations to open their networks to customers, suppliers, and business partners. Although it is a necessity, at the same time, this same openness brings security risks that must be properly evaluated. MaxNOC Managed Hosting understands that keeping up with security is a full-time job for any organization.

Cisco® Firewall & VPN

MaxNOC takes the full responsibility for the procurement, installation, configuration and ongoing administration and maintenance of your firewall. Even in the event of a full-scale attack, your applications will keep running smoothly because the Cisco® firewall hardware is dedicated to your system.

  • Agentless Architecture, Nothing to Install
  • Dedicated Firewall Hardware
  • Policy Based Security Context
  • Optional VPN Deployment
  • Completely Managed by MaxNOC
  • As low as $100/month

Spam / Virus Filtering

Barracuda Antispam / Antivirus solution is the most sophisticated realtime filtering solution currently available to combat the ever increasing problem of spam and email viruses. There is nothing to install and nothing to configure. Block the Spam and Virus before it reaches your mail servers and your users.

  • Agentless Architecture, Nothing to Install
  • Barracuda Networks® Infrastructure
  • Personal Allow and Block Lists
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Lotus Notes Integration
  • Denial of Service Protection
  • Managed by MaxNOC
  • As low as $5/month per Domain

File Server Antivirus

Whether you are running a file server or just need a real-time antivirus solution on your server, Trend Micro ServerProtect™ will provide you the most comprehensive antivirus solution for your server. Available for Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

  • High-performance Scanning and Updates
  • Seamless Integration with Sharepoint Server
  • Exchange Server Deployment Options
  • As low as $25/month

Security Assesment

MaxNOC audits operational documentation for compliance against appropriate standards such as BS7799/ISO17799, HIPAA or FSA requirements.

  • Application Security Assessment
  • Internal Security Assessment
  • Firewall Security Assessment
  • CRM Application Security Assessment
  • Wireless/RAS Security Assessment
  • Telephony Security Assessment
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