MaxNOC collect and control an extensive set of statistics for each customer depending on the contracted service. We provide this information in customized, easy to access reports. As a result, our customers have access to the most accurate information at their finger tips to improve their productivity and reduce time and cost in maintaining their services.

Advanced Reporting

Traffic Reports

MaxNOC collects and reports comprehensive, real-time bandwidth usage information which includes real-time usage, historical data and trending analysis for external and internal bandwidth insight.

  • Agentless Architecture, Nothing to Install
  • Real-Time Bandwidth Usage Report
  • Historical Data Report
  • Ad-Hoc Reports
  • Total Aggregate Bandwidth Summary
  • No Additional Cost

Flow Reports

Web-based traffic analysis solution which helps network managers to understand how bandwidth is being used up in their network. Leveraging the level of granularity provided by Cisco® NetFlow, you can track what applications are using the bandwidth, who is using it, and when.

  • Agentless Architecture, Nothing to Install
  • IP Traffic Distribution Reports
  • IP Traffic Source/Destination Analysis
  • Display IP Traffic Subnet Matrix
  • Protocol Usage Reports
  • As low as $50/month per Stream
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