Any organization without a monitoring strategy may permit the effects of broken servers or overloaded databases, security breaches or basic failures without even knowing about it. MaxNOC Monitoring service delivers indepth monitoring services to allow for constant reporting and analysis of your network segments such as network devices, web servers, operating systems and database systems.

MaxNOC actively monitors all of its network infrastructure resources to ensure the integrity of our data centers and all customer operations.

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Enterprise level network monitoring to monitor the service level agreement and the equipment you are using to ensure you are achieving the maximum uptime.

  • Proven Agentless Architecture
  • Email, SMS, Pager Notifications
  • Historical Trend Reports
  • As low as $10/month per Device

Application Monitoring

Provides the information you need to take action before trouble happens and solutions to let you recover from failures automatically. Robust, reliable and scalable monitoring solution with detailed reports. Most comprehensive monitoring solution available today.

  • Proven Agentless Architecture
  • Email, SMS, Pager Notifications
  • Comprehensive Security Options
  • Microsoft® Exchange, IIS, SQL, Oracle Options
  • Advanced monitoring features
  • Memory, Bandwidth, Space, CPU Reports
  • Robust Recovery for Detected Failures
  • As low as $5/month per Service
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