When choosing a KVM-IP solution, MaxNOC decided to opt for a true KVM-IP system that actually attaches to the VGA/KBD/MSE ports on the system - not a PCI card that attempts to translate through the bus of the server. This allows our solution to be incredibly reliable and available in the event you do have a problem.

KVM over IP Diagram

When do you need it?

It is 2:00AM, you're in the middle of a kernel upgrade on a mission critical Linux machine, you forgot to install a driver, or reinstall the boot-loader; you reboot… nothing. You forgot the night before was super-Tuesday for Microsoft and your server auto-updated and rebooted, suddenly you have no access to the machine.

With the IP KVM technology from MaxNOC, you can be in front of the keyboard from anywhere in the world, just using a simple web based interface and perform all the tasks you need to as if you were next to your server.

Table 12: KVM over IP Fee Schedule
Advanced Remote Access KVM over IP (IP KVM)
Anytime Access $40
24 Hour Temporary Access $35

*Average cost for a typical scenario. Please request a quote for free consultation and specific pricing.

KVM over IP Features

  • Watch for error messages on boot
  • Disable unneeded hardware in the BIOS
  • Troubleshoot difficult OS configuration problems.
  • Get exception/kernel panic errors
  • Select different kernels
  • Fix errant firewall settings
  • Fix errant network settings
  • Disable SSH/RDP and use the KVM for remote access
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