MaxNOC Dns Failover is an advanced monitoring and recovery solution based on DNS resolution. By constantly monitoring the availability of your website, if you encounter any issues, we update your DNS records to forward the traffic to the alternative location(s).

DNS Failover Diagram

DNS Failover also provides valueable reliability for systems setup on Round Robin DNS. If you are using Round Robin DNS to load balance your web server traffic, the failover system may removes any unreachable site from the dns record set to ensure the maximum availability of your application.

Table 6: DNS Failover Deployment Pricing Schedule
DNS-Failover Process Ideal-For *Setup *Mo
Standard Your website content is replicated to a hot stand-by location. When primary site is down, traffic is forwarded to the secondary location. Single Website $500 $250
Round Robin If you are using Round Robin schema to load balance your traffic, MaxNOC removes the failed server from your topology when it's unreachable. Multiple Web Servers $900 $400

*Average cost for a typical scenario. Please request a quote for free consultation and specific pricing.

Although there are several places on internet where you can order DNS Failover services, none of these companies provide you the single point of contact to outsource your high availability needs. MaxNOC provides you the entire network infrastructure and managed services to deploy a safe DNS failover system, including geographically diverse hosting locations, the software technology and the network support.

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