Businesses of all sizes are increasingly becoming dependent on an uninterrupted flow of information. At the same time, the threats are growing in type and magnitude. They are as old as hurricanes, as new as the latest computer virus and as horrific as the events of 9/11.

In today's world, business continuity is no longer a luxury; it is a way of life. The SEC, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and a host of state and industry regulators are urging, and in some cases requiring, the development of business continuity plans.

Disaster Recovery Diagram

Business contingency planning for many operations require the storage of mission-critical data and information in an off-site location in the event their primary location is damaged. By utilizing centralized, real-time, byte-level, high-availability data replication into a secure location, your I.T. business functions will have zero downtime, which means continuous availability even in the event of unforeseen disaster, ensuring continued company revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Table 7: Business Continuity Scenarios
Continuity Process Ideal For Recovery *Cost
Hot Standby Data copied automatically onto a secondary cluster and is transactionally consistent. Second site automatically brought up if the primary fails Mission-critical applications, high business impact activities. 10 seconds to 2 minutes $2500
Warm Standby Data is copied onto a secondary cluster, but that data may not be transactionally consistent and the switch may not happen automatically. Mission-critical applications, medium to high business impact activities. 10 minutes to 45 minutes $2000
Cold Standby Equipment is available and reserved for customer's use in case of disaster. Non-mission-critical applications, low business impact activities. 4 hours to 2 days $1500
Offsite Data Backup Storage Data is frequently backed up onto media and is stored in a secure, offsite location. Non-mission-critical applications, very low business impact activities. 18 hours to 4 days $1000

*Average cost for a typical scenario. Please request a quote for free consultation and specific pricing.

MaxNOC allows you to sleep with the peace of mind that your valuable data is safe in an off site, fully redundant facility, ready for immediate recovery.

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