Our proven processes, extensive resource pool and strong management team enable us to rapidly scale our managed network to cater for the peaks and troughs of your business cycle. Our scalable network model enables us to provide you rapid, cost-effective deployment and scaling services. At MaxNOC Managed Hosting, deployment is measured in hours.

Remote Access

Advanced Remote Access service provides ip kvm console access to your server from anywhere in the world using web browser. Unlike SSH and RDP, you can access your server even if your operating system is crashed.

  • Access Your Servers Anytime From Anywhere
  • Secure Web-based KVM access

DNS Failover

Advanced monitoring and recovery solution based on DNS resolution. By constantly monitoring the availability of your website, if you encounter any issues, we update your DNS records to forward the traffic to the alternative location(s).

  • Nothing to Install, Agentless Setup
  • 2 Minute Interval for Health Checks

Disaster Recovery

MaxNOC NOC delivers managed services 24/7 with on-site direct access to your equipment. We have the equipment, the knowledge and the experience to provide you with trouble free management of mission critical operations, all day, every day.

  • HIPAA Compliant Network Operations Center
  • Clustered SQL, MySQL, IIS, Apache Deployments
  • Cold, Warm, Hot Standby Service Deployments

Load Balancing

Heavy traffic can ruin the performance of your servers. Optimize speed across all of your servers with MaxNOC Load Balancing service.

  • Session Persistent
  • Policy-based Traffic Management
  • Port Mirroring Capability
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