What will tomorrow bring? When you look into the future, look to MaxNOC to deliver the solutions you can count on. Our scalable, dependable, IP network infrastructure is designed to support your most demanding business communications needs, both now and in the future.

MaxNOC is uniquely dedicated to providing ongoing research and development. This assures you of a network infrastructure and support systems that you can rely on in times to come.

Guaranteed Service Levels

MaxNOC Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide assurances of server up-time, as well as assurances that traffic over MaxNOC's IP Backbone will be delivered successfully and on time and all the time with 100% Network Availability.

Tier-1 Peering Providers

MaxNOC upstream bandwidth is provided by the largest transit providers including, Level(3) Communications, Cogent and InterNAP.

  • Tier-1 Direct Network Connectivity
  • Fast Response Times Across the World
  • Fast Response Times Across the World
  • HSRP Links from each Provider

BGP4 Routing Policy

MaxNOC Network is run utilising a full, secure BGP4 template. If anything happens to the any of the peering providers, network traffic is automatically routed via alternative routes available.

  • Proven BGP4 Technology
  • 100% Network Availability
  • 100% Digital Infrastructure
  • Powered by Cisco® Hardware

Bandwidth Availability

MaxNOC's strict bandwidth policy ensures that at least 40% of our entire capacity is going to be available at peak times to cope with any influx of traffic.

  • Zero Bottleneck Infrastructure
  • Gigabit Fiber UpLinks
  • 100Mbits/1000Mbits Client Ports
  • Powered by Cisco® Hardware
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