Designed with the best managed dedicated server hardware in the industry utilizing industrial strength Managed Dedicated Servers, MaxNOC provides robust solutions for Linux, BSD and Windows Managed Dedicated Servers.

Intel® Celeron D Server

Dedicated Servers with the Intel Celeron D processor are an ideal solution for the value-minded IT professionals or hosting gurus. Intel Celeron D offers performance with value.

Customize at $95/MO.

Intel® Pentium 4 Server

The Pentium® 4 Processor provides the performance, quality, and reliability you demand, when you need it. Enjoy Intel®’s most powerful single core processor from MaxNOC.

Customize at $145/MO.

Intel® Pentium D Server

Featuring Intel® Virtualization Technology, experience the powerful multitasking capabilities of an Intel® Pentium® D processor-based server with revolutionary Intel dual-core technology.

Customize at $150/MO.

Intel® Core™ 2 DUO Server

Based on revolutionary Intel® Core™ microarchitecture, the breakthrough Intel® Core2 Duo processor family is designed to provide powerful energy-efficient performance so you can do more at once without slowing down.

Customize at $175/MO.

Intel® Dual Xeon Server (Woodcrest)

The breakthrough performance & reliability of new Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® servers make them the best-in-class choice for virtualization and business-critical applications.

Customize at $395/MO.

AMD Sempron™ 64-Bit Server

AMD Sempron™ processors offer affordable performance, compatibility with all the applications you need, and the reliability of AMD processors. Compatible with leading operating systems and over 60,000 of the world's most popular software applications.

Customize at $95/MO.

AMD Athlon™ 64Bit Server

The AMD Athlon™ 64 processor runs on AMD64 technology, a revolutionary technology that allows the processor to run 32-bit applications at full speed while enabling a new generation of powerful 64-bit software applications.

Customize at $225/MO.

AMD Opteron™ Server

Next-Generation AMD Opteron™ processors with DDR2 memory extend the industry-leading performance trajectory established by first-generation AMD Opteron processors while offering a seamless upgrade path to quad-core performance.

Customize at $400/MO.

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